Social Media in YOUR Business

by Kelly on December 19, 2009

Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming the global ‘hangout’ lines of this era.  They are welcoming and intriguing and a powerful communication tool.  Learning just how to use them wisely for marketing can increase your business profile.  So, how can you use social media marketing to benefit your business?  By knowing where your customers are—so you have to be listening to them.

Lets take a look at Tourism New Zealand, they currently have 4313 followers on their Twitter sites.  If there is a visitor to New Zealand that ‘tweets’ about an unhappy experience while in NZ, Tourism New Zealand has the opportunity to ‘tweet’ back to them asking what the issue was about, delivering relevant, human blog content talking about the customer’s problem and how Tourism New Zealand can solve those problems.  With traditional marketing channels (not including social networking sites) a dissatisfied customer will tell 9-16 customers and a positive experience will tell just one or two… you have to ask yourself, how fast does bad news spread on a social networking site?  As opposed to your traditional marketing channels such as direct marketing and print media, social networking is in the global public domain, so news would definitely spread faster, making it all the more important to resolve any issues your customer has as soon as possible.

Social media sites also give the opportunity for businesses to promote to their target audience, online.  For example, many small New Zealand tourism businesses profile themselves on Trip Advisor, which gives visitors unbiased hotel reviews, photos and travel advice for hotels and vacations.

Social networking sites present a variety of opportunities for businesses to increase their profile.  The investment to your business, involves taking the time to create, update and maintain your business profile, your online community.  If you believe that your business may benefit from social networking but don’t have the time to pursue this, then please give Wildfire Solutions a call today, to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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