Top Tips for Promoting Your Business on YouTube

by Kelly on September 30, 2011

We spend around 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in a month — over 325,000 years. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube have more views than Oprah’s show. If you are not promoting your business on YouTube yet, what are you waiting for?

Create Your Own Channel
Creating a channel for your brand on YouTube is a great way to promote your company and increase views.

Learn From The Leaders in Your Pack
Look for the two or more videos with the most views in your category and get ideas from them. Use similar video title, tags, and descriptions.

Liven Up Your Video With Some Music
YouTube now offers a library of authorized music to liven up your video!
Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, you can pick from the long list of different songs that YouTube offer. You can now rest assured, as you don’t have to worry about breaching copyright.

… NB: New Zealand’s 3-strike Anti-Piracy Law
Keep your video original! From September 1st, 2011 – Those who are caught sharing copyrighted material online will from now on receive warning letters via their ISP. On receipt of a third notice, copyright holders can take Internet account holders to the Copyright Tribunal where they will face fines of up to $15,000 and disconnection.

Apply To Become A Partner With YouTube
If you’ve got great videos and a growing audience. Let YouTube help you take your channel to the next level through their Partner Program. You can generate revenue from your videos and access YouTube’s specialized partner features and tools, allowing you to create a more customized channel.

The above are just some of the techniques we use to get our clients videos in front of the potential, nearly half billion YouTube users worldwide per month. Do you need help reaching out? Social Media Marketing is our specialty,  Contact us.

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