Is the ‘Greener Living NZ’ Network For Your Business?

by Kelly on December 14, 2011

Simply put, social media is a conversation, taking place online. It is a known fact that word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising is the most effective form of advertising. If your company can engage and have a relevant conversation online, you are then very effectively advertising your brand through WOM, getting results and improving your triple bottom line.

One rule online is that if your company has something to say that will add value to the conversation online then say it, if you don’t, then don’t say it – (You’re just wasting everyone’s time!). Through past experience with NZ businesses online, Wildfire found that they:

1. Only sporadically had something to say online that was worth saying.

2. Their following (fan base) was small in comparison to those larger companies online.

3. Their budget was limited, so too was their advertising online to build their following.

4. They didn’t have time to spend updating their Social Networks.

In response to these results, Wildfire has developed a new and improved Networking Model for businesses. They have started with developing a network of NZ businesses relevant to Greener Living, of which the Social Media Package for this is detailed below.

What is it?
Using the top social media sites we already have established profiles across the following:-

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Blog.

If your company signs up for this Social Media Package, we will give your brand an online presence across all these online platforms that do matter. People will see your information because they want to see it. We will promote your company across the following social media sites:

1. Visit Greener Living NZ on Facebook (An online community for your brand)

2. Visit Greener Living NZ on Twitter (Tell people what your company is up to right now. Great for directing traffic to Facebook)

3. Visit Greener Living NZ on their Blog site (articles, stories of interest – regularly updated, posted on Facebook)

4.  Visit Greener Living NZ on YouTube (Video sharing website, posted on Facebook)

We will manage ALL of these social media profiles for you, posting regularly on these sites with the content sent through from your company, saving you time. You may already have some of the content to send through, such as articles from your blog site and your videos. Other content can include any product updates, latest deals, case studies, testimonials, ‘Tips’ or ‘How to’ videos and articles.

You will see the companies who have already joined the network on the Featured Bloggers page.

Community Concept for ‘Greener Living NZ’

Greener Living NZ’s online community is a space for people to learn how to live more naturally in every aspect of their lives. It includes information on those companies under the Greener Living NZ banner; educating people about these offerings and getting them excited by the benefits they offer. The Social Media applications for the community feature photos, videos and articles from those companies. The audience is also encouraged to submit content on their Greener Living experiences (only about those companies offerings under the ‘Greener Living NZ’ banner) and share their stories. All community members are able to comment on the different content submitted. Greener Living NZ provides ongoing information, submitting the latest news, keeping members updated specific to those Greener Living NZ companies; and providing relevant links and posts on all Greener Living information relevant to New Zealand.

If you believe your company falls under the ‘Greener Living’ umbrella and would benefit from becoming a part of this network, then please contact Wildfire directly for further information.

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