Healy On the Go!

by Kelly on October 19, 2020

A mint day skiing with my Healy helping my muscles on the go... WOOP!!!

Ski pass – Check!

Sunblock on – Check…

Healy on, ‘Muscle’s’ program – Check!

Let’s go skiing!

The Healy is an inconspicuous little wearable device that is my very own super hero… packed with a whole lot of awesomeness. It’s feel good, healing vibes are with me anywhere and everywhere I want them to be. I was up skiing the other day and just connected the bracelets, clipped the Healy on the inside of my jacket and you wouldn’t even know it was on me… upgrading myself on the go! If feels fantastic to know that at any time I can scan myself or others to find out what they/or I need in THIS moment , not yesterday or the day before but right now. You can’t get more relevant than that.

My Healy on 'Muscles' program for recovery.

I had a tough workout the day prior and was feeling my muscles so decided to put my Healy on the ‘muscles’ program, which is great support for recovery, post and during my exercise.

On another note I love how it brings more depth into your life. I was feeling ‘off’ one day so I scanned my aura and up came a very insightful analysis of myself… It peels back your being like layers of an onion, giving insight into yourself and others also. And it’s this along with the healy’s frequency vibrate function for my aura that has really helped me to move through challenging situations a whole lot faster.

Looking at long term effects of the Healy, I’m a firm believer that with any long term conditions you’re not usually going to have that magic overnight cure.. BUT by creating habits that mean you are consistently doing positive things on a regular basis; this can in turn yield those positive changes that you’re looking for. For me, a longer term challenge has been food intolerances. I have had dairy and wheat intolerance for years so a couple of programs I run regularly are:  ‘Gastrointestinal- in Bioenergetic Balance 2’ and ‘intolerances- in Bioenergetic Balance 2’. I run these in conjunction with the Healy programs where I use the scanner on myself and Healy chooses what programs I need to run. Bear in mind also that any biological change in the body takes 3 months… So watch this space , I’ll be excited to tell you how I get on on.

If you are interested in purchasing or require further information on Healy product, please contact Healy NZ distributor:

Kelly Muirden: kelly@wildfiresolutions.co.nz

Phone: 021 243 7381


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