How To Make Twitter Work For Your Business

by Kelly on July 19, 2010

Twitter is a micro-blogging social network service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.  Twitter has a large following among older professional audiences and over a ¼ of Twitter users are high earners ($100k+).  Evolving into a news, brand marketing, and customer service tool, Twitter is ideal for reaching out to influencers, handling customer service queries, and forging personal relationships with customers to help grow online communities.

The aim of Twitter is:

  1. -To promote conversation.
  2. -Build new and existing relationships with customers.
  3. -Direct traffic to your website(s).
  4. -Increase the reach of your brand to your target market.

Twitter will create a human presence for your brand, a voice for the company.   Twitter can be used to engage your target market around aspects of your content that are of interest to them and direct traffic to your companies website and community (Facebook Fan page and forum) as information is updated on these sites.

So you’ve just set up a twitter profile for your business and you’re like ‘Now what…? What have I got to say that can bring value to the conversation?  Is tweeting ‘Bugger it I’ve left my bloody lunch @ home’ going to work for your business?  Unless you’re Gordon Ramsey it could work, but for the rest of those businesses out there, No… on so many levels!

  • You have to remember each tweet is representing your company, so it must be professional.
  • Depending on your industry will depend on the type of language you use e.g. if your product is targeted at the older and more sophisticated market then ‘@’ should be replaced with the full word ‘at’.  If your target market is very young then the ‘@’ symbol is likely to work just fine.
  • Finally, the tweet must bring some value to the conversation.

So keeping this in mind lets take a look at a health food company for example.  A tweet for them could include the following – ’For a healthy mid-afternoon pick-me-up beverage…’.  Their target market includes those that aspire to a healthy lifestyle and this tweet links them through to an easy to make, yet healthy smoothie recipe.  So we have just communicated to them a tweet that educates them on how to make a smoothie.

Content that brings value to the conversation should be a major objective of any social media marketing plan.  Think of issues, questions and/or queries that your customer has come to you with in the past.  If you can’t think of any, then post the question on Twitter, asking them what they want to hear.  They may wish to learn more about how they can use your product &/or service, they may want to be kept up to date with news related to your industry.

So you now know that the key is bringing value to the conversation with your potential customers out there in cyberspace.  But what’s the first step in this journey of learning to master twitter?  The first step should involve gathering all imagery and video footage related to your business (…yes, best to toss aside those personal ‘on tour’ videos for now) that you have.  These can be uploaded to YouTube, Flikr and your Facebook Fan Page ‘videos’ and ‘photos’ tabs.  You can then tweet about them and add a link for your followers to click through to.

Hopefully that gives you some helpful insight into how Twitter can work for you business.  If you have any questions then please just post them on my Facebook fan page at and I will be able to answer them from here.

Over and out for now.

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