About Us

Welcome to Wildfire Solutions
New Zealand’s Social Media Marketing Company!

Wildfire Solutions is a New Zealand company providing outsourced Social Media Marketing services.  Using a creative, practical and affordable approach, we can help your business spread!

Marketing is nothing more than attraction. An offer you canʼt refuse is the very essence of attraction.  And attraction is the essence of great marketing.  Social Media, is just one of the tools through which great marketing is delivered.

So where does Wildfire come into the equation?  Our specialty is Social Media Marketing, where we help businesses get set up in the social media environment.  We create a strategy going forward as to what will work best for your brand, set up the necessary profiles and can even manage them or your online campaign on a day to day basis.  We fit in with your team and are flexible to your needs.

So have you thought of incorporating Social Media into your business  but that’s  as far as you’ve got?  Give us a call or email today and we can discuss first and foremost if it is going to be a good move for your brand, it’s that simple.

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