WOW® Case Study

This is a 2010, New Zealand based Social Media Marketing Case Study on
The World of WearableArt (WOW®)


The days where marketing consisted of communication solely through traditional mediums like TV and radio are well and truly over.  People are talking about your brand right now. The World of WearableArt (WOW) realised this and that is why they wanted to join the conversation that was already happening about them. They wanted to tap into this innovative new way of reaching their target market.

WOW knew they needed a presence on Social Media Sites but weren’t sure how to get there…

- How would they control their brand online?

- How would they find fresh content for their Twitter and Facebook sites?

… How would they know what to say?

… How would they say it?

- How would they get followers and fans for their sites?

These were just some of the questions that WOW had and Wildfire offered them a practical solution as to what this would involve.


In recent times WOW had advertised across those traditional mediums – TV, radio and print, which cost them every time. They became aware of a new medium, Social media, which gave them the ability to tap into this huge market, bigger than all the traditional mediums – for free.

Wildfire Solutions developed a ‘Social Media Bible’ for WOW to enable them to join the conversation and listen to what their customers have to say online. This guide looked at who WOW needed to target online, then utilised this information to develop an easy to achieve step-by-step action guide, outlining those social media tools that would be the best fit for WOW, including exactly how these were to be applied. The guide talked about how to reach their target market, attract them and keep them coming back for more.  Social media messaging guidelines were detailed, with parameters regarding postings and tweets for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The guide discussed how WOW can leverage their existing offline campaigns within their social networks; and how to measure their success across those social media networks.


Wildfire has helped WOW to create an online community, encouraging people to enter their world of creativity and colour. Already, over 1,500 people have volunteered to connect with WOW on Facebook to be kept up to date with the latest News, offers and events that are happening at WOW.

Now that WOW have established an online community on Facebook, Wildfire are beginning work with them on the next phase, which is to develop regular campaigns that will continue to build their fan base, their brand awareness and drive sales to their online shop.

Wildfire has also helped WOW to create a Twitter Presence just for designers and is already achieving their aim to increase entries from designers for the World of WearableArt show.


WOW are glad they tried something new and didn’t just stick to the old ways of getting their name out there. Donna Ching, Brand and Strategy Manager and Heidi Mathieson, Marketing Manager says Social Media has been very effective -

“Protecting the WOW brand values in the world of Social Media was always in the back of our minds… But we could see the huge potential of being in that space – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – their influence and their ability to be a platform for marketing to your audience can’t be ignored.  We are delighted with the results thus far  and  really  value  Wildfire’s  ability  to  understand  the  social media  environment  and  how  WOW  can  play  a  part  in  this  very important medium.”


WOW has continued to use Social Media Marketing in their advertising and Wildfire have coached the WOW team to manage their profiles in-house. Both Heidi and Donna say the benefits of using Wildfire Solutions for their Social Media Marketing far outweigh the costs – particularly as they already have 8 new designers for The Montana World WearableArts Show from their Twitter profile alone.


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