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Below I have answered some FAQ’s on Social Media, hopefully they can help you out…

What The Heck Is Social Media?  Itfjkdsl djflsjk ds kljfksdl lkkj dfl jklds jfjdskl jl It’s the audience, which is potentially YOUR target market creating content, quite possibly about your brand and most definitely about your industry online.

It’s Not Important To My Business… Only Young People Are Using It. vx Lets take a look at Facebook, which has more than 400 million active users and at least 50% of these active users log onto Facebook in any given day. The fastest growing demographic are people 35 years and older. But don’t discount it for the younger market either, as it still has 143 million active users.

If we take a quick look at New Zealand’s Facebook stats, they show that Facebook receives the 2nd highest percent of visits in New Zealand after Google and before TradeMe and as of this year nearly 1.5 million users are registered in New Zealand on Facebook; they visit the site on average 24 times during each month and spend just under 22 minutes on average on the site per visit (Hitwise Traffic Data 2009/2010).

Why Would I Want To Give People The Chance To Write Negative Feedback About My Business For The Whole World To See!? fjdskfa;sdfj xcjklf xjx; s The conversation is happening whether you decide to be there or not, it can only be a positive step for you to join the conversation and listen to what your customers have to say. It also gives you a chance to stop negative feedback spiralling out of control, by being there and answering back in the first instance. By acknowledging and fixing these problems in public, you demonstrate confidence and openness to customer insight, quite possibly turning this into a very positive experience.

Why Can’t I Just Create Interaction On My Own Website? daxxxxxxxx   sa So you’ve just spent a lot of money on your own website and just cant understand why you’d want to create more sites for your company? I’m hearing you and yes you can create interaction on your own website BUT if you were on Facebook and Twitter, these sites have millions of users and your website may have only a few thousand people through it in a year? Unlike a website where people have to search for you to find you, when people like your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter, they automatically see the content that you post – your information comes to them. Being on Facebook and Twitter then gives you the opportunity to create a captive audience with affordable long-life advertising and tap in a MASSIVE market compared to that very small market coming through your website.

What Does It Cost? ffsdf dfs jdj flfj lksd jkl jdl    jfsdklj lkj ljsfdj klj l  jklf s jkl fd fUnlike print, radio and TV advertising where you pay every time you place an advert… You can tap into this huge market through You Tube, through Facebook or through Twitter for free. So managed properly, it is a very affordable way to build your brand.

Why Would I Want To Be There? d jkl jdl    jfsdklj lkj ljsfdj klj l  j fdfsfdsfs  fdsf To build your brand and to also get your products into the hands of those who are searching for answers on the web.

Why do you need Wildfire Solutions? dklj lkj ljsfdj klcj l  j fdfsfd fdcsf   x    W We understand that your business is what you are passionate about and that many of you will live and breathe it. Wildfire Solutions Ltd. specialize in Social Media and know how to get results with our fresh approaches and innovative ideas.

Got Another Question? cfsdgjgdfl;gjdkgsj gkj klfd; jdklg;  cjgklfd; sgfjkc xjkWe’d We’d love to hear from you! Contact Us and we’ll post it up here for you, or…

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1 Taura August 19, 2012 at 9:09 pm


I want to know how wildfire works in terms of getting more clients and help a brand grow?


2 Kelly August 20, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Hi Taura,
Well that would depend on your brand that you have developed/ are developing and the goals and strategy you have in place for it. Once we know this we can then go to the social media drawing board and start piecing a picture together as to how we can achieve those goals…
More than happy to talk through this in further detail if you like.


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