Recent Work

Client: VetSouth Ltd, Southland, NZ
Marketing Management

Feedback: Kelly at Wildfire was employed by VetSouth, to undertake a research project.  The recommendations were implemented, with the outcome of a quarterly publication called VetTalk.  This project also included management of the design, print process and distribution of this magazine.  It has been a pleasure working with this NZ business… and who better to judge if this project was successful than the client:

“I had a deer farmer client ring up just to let me know that he’d been out to get his
mail and picked up the newspaper and VetTalk magazine; he chose to read VetTalk over the paper because it looked more interesting, he said it’s a fantastic magazine.”
- Andrew Roe, Director, Vetsouth Ltd.

Other projects for VetSouth Ltd. have included the management and planning of their annual calendar, monthly newsletter, brand guidelines, annual seminars including dairy, deer, sheep and small animals and re-branding of their vet programs.

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